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Annemarie Faupel’s solo exhibition⎡ NAKED TRUTH ⎦runs until August 10th, 2024. Thursdays to Saturdays from 3 to 7 pm or by appointment. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Munich artist Annemarie Faupel, a master student of Karin Kneffel, combines both intimate and universal moments of human existence in her solo exhibition ‚Naked Truth‘. The close relationship between joie de vivre and transience, naturalness and artificiality as well as the artistic approach to socially controversial themes such as nudity or old age are create the centerpiece of her work.

Faupel’s unembellished nudes of her ninety-nine-year-old grandmother Elisabeth, for example, spare no wrinkle, no unevenness and no skin discoloration in order to tell a dignified portrait of the years and stories of a person’s life through precisely these physical inscription; to acknowledge the death of a spent and powerless body as part of life and to honour ageing in this way. In the shower rotunda of a Munich swimming pool, naked bodies also present themselves in a natural and quiet intimacy, in which all body forms coexist undisguised, creating a trusting space between strangers. The oscillating spectrum of emotions between the joie de vivre and the bittersweet idea of vanitas ultimately comes together in Faupel’s candy still lifes, whose shimmering candy wrappers or seductively shiny sugar glazes symbolize human cravings and addictions – a form of consumption that only provides temporary and short-term satisfaction, but does not nourish the body and soul in the long term.